5 Tried and Tested Business Models for Stay at Home Moms

Whether you’re trying your hand at entrepreneurship or merely seeking for ways to make ends meet, working from home is one of the most comfortable ways to earn money in the modern times. If you’re persistent enough, there’s no reason why it couldn’t replace a typical 9-5 job and become your main source of income. With that in mind, what are the top 5 ways you can earn money straight from the comfort of your desk?

1. Crafting handmade jewelry

While there are tons of handmade jewelry crafting enthusiasts, there’s a reason they’re frequent in numbers: the products they’re creating are in high demand. If you want your piece of the pie, however, you’re going to need to come up with ways to stand out. If you feel like you lack the talent necessary, don’t try to compete by lowering your prices (it’s a losing battleground). Instead, try to cater to a more specific audience (for example, by selling friendship trinkets). After taking the first steps in your home-based jewelry crafting business, you’ll quickly find that fulfilling orders and raw material tracking can be quite a challenge without the proper software. Ideally, it should support inventory integration for Shopify, since you’ll want to leverage the power of online shopping platforms to kickstart your business.

2. Entering the online gig economy

Do you have any special skills like programming, graphic design, or content creation? As luck would have it, these skills are in wide demand online, so consider becoming a freelancer. Unlike a traditional 9-5 job, you get to choose who you work for, set your own rates, and only accept projects that are to your liking. As a beginner, don’t be surprised to get off to a rough start; after all, building up a reputable profile and trustworthy client base takes time. But once you’ve built a name for yourself, landing new clients gets easier and easier.

3. Starting your blog

If writing is your forte, starting your blog is another way to put your skills to a good use. However, too many people eagerly start writing without having any kind of plan at all. While there’s nothing wrong with writing about your personal thoughts and feelings (in fact, it can be quite therapeutic to share these things with the world), you need to think in terms of monetizing your efforts somewhere down the line. To earn a sustainable living as a blogger, you need to drive a substantial amount of traffic to your blog to make it worth your while. Therefore, as a beginner, you should probably stick to writing about whatever is in demand or trending at the time (although a bit of passion has never hurt anyone).

4. Helping others by tutoring

When people are struggling in school or are simply looking for ways to broaden their horizons, they often turn to online tutors. Whether it be playing an instrument, learning a new language, or algebra lessons, there are a lot of people who are prepared to pay good money for the knowledge you possess. So, if there are certain subjects you excel at, tutoring is a great way not only to capitalize on your superior knowledge, but also help others in the process. Admittedly, having good people skills is a plus here, if not a prerequisite. But if you feel like you’re a people person, tutoring might just be the thing for you.

5. Becoming a social media manager Nowadays, there’s a lot of business owners who are looking for a helping pair of hands when it comes to managing their social media channels. They simply don’t have the time or the creative juices necessary to grow their followers. That’s where you come in; you can get paid a hefty chunk of change just to keep their audience engaged and answer their questions. Gather enough clients, and you could become a full-time social media manager if you so choose.

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