A quick guide for your 2019 SEO strategy

A process which is used to organize the content of a website by topic that helps different search engines to understand the intention of users is known as an SEO strategy. This strategy helps to optimize a website around topics by using different keywords in the topics, which ultimately ranks the website in search engines. Some basic points and guide for your 2019 SEO strategy are explained thoroughly from the different steps of SEO strategy.

There are some important stages of SEO plans which can be considered as a guide for your 2019 SEO strategy. This strategic plan serves as a blueprint for your search engine optimization which can be mapped into seven different steps. It is termed as a long term solution for the pre-qualified traffic of your website. The stages include:

1.Initial analysis

The initial analysis is done by observing the behavior of different websites and knowing all the points regarding your different competition. Your SEO consultantsees the weaknesses and strengths of the current technical infrastructure for the site. The considerations for the consultant include:

  • Site structure and page trees
  • Internal and external linking
  • Content length and quality
  • Content update frequency

2.Report and recommendations

SEO consultantprepares a report for the search engine optimization campaign in the report and recommendations part. This part is linked to the initial analysis and mostly done based on it.

3.Keywords research

The number of keywords depends on the size and scope of the SEO project.Analysts are assigned to come up with the keywords that are appreciated by both website owners and users. Once an SEO strategy is mapped out, the analyst will have multiple ideas regarding the keywords of the project.


In an implementation, the agreed changes in your websites are implemented on your pages by the consultant or by the content management system (CMS). Multiple strategies are discussed and implemented in it and one of them is How to get backlinks? And how to implement it?


During your campaign, the reports of your project should be provided or submitted to you by the consultant you hired. Just keep that fact in your mind that SEO optimization is a long term strategy, you cannot get the results immediately.

6.Ongoing maintenance

Once all the work is done and you are happily ranking in the search engine soyou will need to discuss with the experts at your SEO consultancy whether you should expand your keyword portfolio and target more keywords or choose to maintain the optimization of your site.


The SEO strategy plan should be done at least every six to twelve months. If you are operating in a very competitive industry, you may want to do this even sooner. It will depend on the recommendations of your specialist who will be monitoring changes in the industry throughout the entire process.

Besides thesestages, some other things are also important in SEO strategy such as “How to get backlinks?” Guest posts and broken link building are the most effective ways to get backlinks for your website.

A quickguide for your 2019 SEO strategy is listed below:

  • Observing your audience
  • Research more on different engines
  • Structured data markup is important
  • Exceptional contents will create a good strategy
  • Increment in expertise and authorities
  • Investment  in technical SEO
  • Optimize for featured snippets and other SERP features

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