An Overview of Mint Mobile Plans

Mint Mobile is one of the fastest-growing 4G LTE network services in America and offers many high-quality services. One thing that has attracted many customers to purchase a Mint Mobile SIM is the reasonable prices that cover monthly packages. These packages consist of three months, six months, and twelve months. You should further read this Mint Mobile plan review to find out more reasonable plans that you can attain for your Mint Mobile services.

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Mint Mobile Plans

Mint Mobile has a unique package plan in which you are required to pay for a service either three, 6 or 12 months in advance with some exceptional mind-blowing rates. This way, you can give yourself time to see if you want to attain Mint Mobile services in the long run. 

For example, if you first attain the three-month plan, the three months will give you enough time to see if you are satisfied enough with the outcome and choose a longer plan for the long run. However, if you disconnect your Mint Mobile services before the package deadline period, there will be no refund of money. Mentioned below are the different reasonable Mint Mobile plans.

  1. Introductory 3-Month Plan

Mint Mobile offers a special price plan for newbies. This is a 3-month base plan with 3GB of 4G LTE data, which costs a total of $45 that is $15/month. You would have normally had to pay $25/month. This plan is more like a trial period, which allows you to make your decision on whether you are satisfied enough to use Mint Mobile in the future also or not.

  1. Mint Mobile’s Ongoing Promo

This promotional package offers new subscribers with a 3-month plan that costs only $15/month, which includes unlimited use of everything with 12GB of 4G LTE. So you can watch unlimited fast streaming videos, make national calls and send unlimited texts in under a total of $45 for 90 days. After your first three months, your plan will renew at the regular price. This is a big cost-saver, as you will save a maximum of $30.

  1. Exclusive Mint Mobile Promo

This exclusive Mint Mobile promotional package offer comes with a purchase of an iPhone 11. It is a three-month package that costs $15/month of 8GB full-speed data. It is the Mint Mobile medium plan, which saves you around $105.

  1. Exclusive Mint Mobile Promo 2

This plan consists of a free 3-month plan of 8GB with a purchase of the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, and OR S10e. You will not only get an amazing phone, but you will also save up on about $105 and receive free efficient services.


Whether you’re a student struggling to pay student loans, a single parent trying to fulfill their kid’s needs under a budget, or generally just trying to save up, these Mint Mobile exclusive deals will help you get through it all. What more would you need with these amazing Mint Mobile plans alongside a high-quality network service. So do not waste more time, sign up and avail these mind gobbling Mint Mobile packages. 

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