Googler who quit to protest Project Maven is faring better than even he expected (GOOGL, GOOG)

Tyler BreisacherGreg Sandoval/Business Insider.

Tyler Breisacher quit his job as a Google software developer in April in part to protest Google’s collaboration with the US military on analyzing drone video footage.  
When he decided to leave, he feared that he’d struggle to find a job comparable to the one he had left at Google.
Breisacher told Business Insider his fears were unfounded. He’s landed a job where he’s having fun working for an employer that’s every bit as socially conscious as he is.

Tyler Breisacher, a former Google software developer, has no regrets about the part he played in the unprecedented employee unrest at the company this year.

In April, Google acknowledged that it had provided artificial-intelligence technology to the US military under a program called Project Maven . Thousands of employees voiced their opposition during all-hands meetings and by signing a petition that demanded the relationship with the Pentagon be terminated. In an unprecedented act for Google workers, about a dozen quit in protest–Breisacher among them. See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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