How To Eliminate Double-Bookings At Your B&B

There is nothing more damaging to your B&Bs brand reputation than having to tell a guest, after all their planning, that you can’t give them their room because it was double booked!

Unfortunately, this is an issue for many small properties, whether it’s due to an inability to process a payment at the time of booking or because their distribution process is too complicated and they cannot keep track of which rooms have been booked on which OTAs.

No matter what the reason is, this is an unprofessional practice that can leave a guest searching for alternate accommodation when they should simply be enjoying their holiday.

Implementing intelligent technology will help with the day-to-day tasks of running your B&B and dramatically reduce the risk of online double-bookings, here’s how…

Using A Channel Manager Will Boost Your Distribution Without Risk

Updating your inventory across multiple online booking sites puts you at high risk of overbooking and consumes a lot of time that could be better spent personalising your guest’s experience.

With 95-97% accuracy a channel manager is the optimal way to save time and manage the distribution of your property’s inventory across the web.

Investing in a channel manager that uses a pooled inventory method will allow you to increase bookings with broader distribution across as many booking sites as necessary without any added cost or risk.

With pooled inventory, each time a booking is made on one of your channels your inventory on all other sites, including your brand website, will be updated in real time.

With an all-in-one solution like Little Hotelier, you will be able to distribute your rooms across over 250 booking channels and, with an added 24-hour PMS operating, all of your incoming bookings will be synchronized and your availability updated automatically to eliminate the chances of double-bookings.

Direct Booking Technology Provides A Professional User Experience

With an efficient online booking process on your brand website incoming traffic will know which rooms are available and will be able to book instantly while browsing.

This will not only generate commission-free direct bookings, but will create a clear booking path that will steer clear of double-bookings.

You will also have the ability to charge cancellation fees if your guest does not show up or backs out.

Modern channel managers integrate with booking engines and front desk systems to create a seamless process from start to finish.

A Fully Integrated Front Desk System Can Manage Everything From One Place

A successful distribution strategy can all be undone if you don’t have one place to keep an eye on everything and ensure you know exactly when your guests are arriving while also being able to quickly update your room rates and availability when someone calls or you receive a walk-in.

With Little Hotelier’s Front Desk System you can check your availability, create and edit reservations, create and edit room closures, and check guests in and out from any device at any time.

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