How to Rank #1 on Google

Almost all websites aim to be on top of Google search because having a high ranking in google search means more traffic for you. And increases traffic means more users for your site and shows that Google trusts the quality of your website. 

However, the journey to achieving a high rank in Google can’t be done overnight. You have to put in a lot of effort and patience to reach your goal or hire SEO experts to help you out.

If you’re interested in increasing the number of clicks of your website, then maybe paying attention to every detail in this article might be helpful to you.

5 Practical Ways on How to Earn More Clicks 

If you’re aiming to be on top of Google, you should focus on gaining more clicks. However, you must keep in mind that earning the top rankings doesn’t solely revolve around gaining clicks.

It’s also very crucial to focus on the strategies that you employ as well as the quality and validity of your content.

Choose your keywords wisely

In choosing the right keywords, you must be very particular because the number of clicks on your website depends on your choice of keywords. Keywords may be composed of a single word or a phrase—these are used by Google when users search for something.

The use of generic to specific keywords can contribute to earning more clicks for your website.

Since you have a broad range of keywords for your website, it can have more chances of being chosen by Google to appear on the search list. 

Keyword examples include:

  • restaurants near me
  • Do’s and don’ts in Thailand
  • DIY crop top
  • Aircon repair in Ontario

You can improve your search results if you choose keywords that get a lot of searches.

Choosing related phrases for the keywords of your website will also generate more clicks and can increase your chances of getting a higher rank in google. 

Prioritize Users’ Experience

How can you improve your users’ experience? You can help your users maximize the use of your website by making your website more user-friendly. 

Make sure that your website is accessible and easy to navigate in different gadgets so that more users will be able to access it without worrying about the compatibility of the website to their gadget.  

Content is key

High ranking websites have accurate and reliable information. The real question is, how to achieve great content? You can easily achieve great content if you can provide complete and thorough answers to the queries of users. 

Specifically, it’ll be beneficial for your website if you use title tags that are considered “catchy” or “appealing” for the users. Answers to common questions can attract the attention of your users.

You may also opt to spread your articles on social media so that you can earn more clicks and rank higher in the long run. 

Earn Google and Users’ Trust

This one is related to improving your content. If you have great content, users will keep on coming back to your website because Google prioritizes showing your content even if you post new ones! 

Be Consistent

Achieving a higher rank can’t be accomplished in just a couple of days. Of course, you have to be consistent in creating articles that deliver value for your users.

Additionally, to increase the traffic of your website, you have to focus on creating updated accurate posts that are appropriate for your target audience. 

3 SEO Tools Needed to Rank First in Google

There are available tools that can help in the marketing strategy for your website. The tools listed below might help you with your goal of earning that rank #1 in google search

  • Ubersuggest – This is a free tool that can provide you with long-tail keyword suggestions with high search volumes. As mentioned, you have to be very careful in choosing keywords because if you choose something that has low volume and high competition, you won’t get any results from it. 
  • Google Search Console – this tool helps you to view and measure the traffic from your website as well as provide overall info on your website’s performance. 
  • Ahrefs – This is a paid marketing tool that has a backlink feature. The said feature enables you to view your top competitors and those who are linking to the three of them that aren’t linking to you.

    Use this to grab the opportunity to email those sites and persuade them to also link back to your website. Doing this can help you generate more links. 

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