Jake Paul Weighs In On Gun Control(!?) With A Serious Video Interviewing Parkland Survivors & Marco Rubio!

Gun reform has been a trending topic ever since the wake of the Parkland school shooting, a tragedy that brought a handful of its telegenic teen survivors to the forefront of the media.

As this movement gains momentum, there are ripple effects that the more cynical observers have to endure for the sake of the expanding conversation — like, for example, Jake Paul going from a douche-bro YouTube prankster to douche-bro gun control activist.

The vlogger, best known for annoying his neighbors to the point of a civil lawsuit, decided to tackle the serious subject of school shootings in a new, Barbara Walters exclusive-style video.

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Sure, we’d expect a young man of his caliber to claim he would have run in unarmed to save the students, or pitch the idea of arming teachers (nope, that’s just our dumbass president!), but instead, Paul actually went down to Florida to speak with the Parkland survivors, local officials, and even Senator Marco Rubio.

While the 21-year-old didn’t exactly bring the fire to his interviews — his hardest hitting question to Rubio was, “Can you explain some of the struggles around passing laws?” — he actually broke down the five points he believes are key to fixing this deadly issue.

One point of actual value is increased action from social media companies, which, according to Jake, should take more responsibility for desensitizing gun related imagery on social media. As he explained:

“If a girl posts a picture with her nipples out it automatically gets flagged and removed from Instagram and like, reported under a system. So why can’t we have that same technology with a kid taking a selfie with a handgun or a kid in a video killing animals. That should pop up on someone’s radar and companies should have the moral responsibility to add that to their flagging systems.”

Uh… that’s actually a great idea?

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Paul’s other four points were not as innovative and centered around heightening school security: adding bulletproof windows, increased police presence, check-in points, and bulletproof backpack inserts for kids.

Hours after the nearly 22-minute video was published, Paul clarified his official five-point recommendations for gun reform on Twitter:

Gun Reform changes we need in my opinion.

1. be at least 21 to buy a gun
2. Go through a 6 month minimum course (similar to a drivers license course)
3. Professional Mental Heath evaluation
4. Ban Gun shows now!
5. 30 day wait period after purchase to receive firearm pic.twitter.com/pe7YXgLcR5
— Jake Paul (@jakepaul) March 12, 2018

Roll your eyes if you must, but this crisis vlogger is using his platform to discuss a very important topic! Also, he’s doing much less harm than Logan “suicide forest” Paul.

Watch the video (below):

[Image via YouTube.]

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