Japan has developed technology that can show how radiation might spread if there’s an accident at a nuclear power plant

nuclear powerJames Marvin Phelps

A team of scientists in Japan have developed technology that can “predict where radioactivity would be distributed if it were released from a particular point.
The artificial intelligence (AI) they used is able to factor in accident variables and prevailing weather patterns to work out where the threat of radiation could be worst, up to 33 hours in advance.
Knowing which way the fallout will travel can be crucial in organizing emergency responses and keeping people safe.

One of the areas where artificial intelligence really excels is in working out scenarios with a huge number of complex variables — like how radiation might spread after an accident at a nuclear power plant.

This is the focus of a new AI system developed in Japan, and it’s showing us more accurately than ever before where the safest (and most dangerous) points could be following a meltdown. Spoiler: stay upwind.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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