New Technology to Improve Women’s Health Access

Recent advancements in medical technology are providing easy access to maternal health care in rural areas worldwide. Women’s healthcare is also being improved. This has been very beneficial to poor and developing countries. Let’s look at how the improved medical technology has helped in rural areas.

Based on 2015 data, 830 women die from pregnancy or childbirth complications every day. Most of these deaths can be prevented and happen in areas lacking access to basic resources. Maternal mortality rates are very high in South and Southeast Asia, African countries, and parts of Latin America. As it is, medical technology for preventing these deaths exists in wealthier nations only.

  1. Rural clinics in China often could not afford the pricey ultrasound unit from General Electric Healthcare. The equipment is valued well above most casino mate online casino newzealand jackpots. GE engineers then designed an inexpensive, portable version. They used a laptop with special software and attachments. Clarius Mobile Health designed ultrasound technology which is accessible from a smartphone.
  2. Portable ultrasounds are crucial for maternal care, biopsies, emergency healthcare and regional anaesthesia. The accessibility of ultrasounds in rural areas mean better pregnancy care, timely diagnosis, preventive treatment and improved emergency care.
  • Artificial intelligence is also being used to better women’s health. Lehigh University researchers developed an Al algorithm that helps recognise cervical dysplasia. This has replaced pricey equipment like Pap smears and HPV tests.
  1. In rural areas, mammograms are not available because they are expensive and trained radiologists are scarce. This has led to many women dying of breast cancer. Two researchers at the Drexel University’s School of Biomedical Engineering, Science and Health Systems decided to develop iBreastExa. This is a hand-held, battery-operated tool that detects breast cancer without radiation. Results are available through the mobile app within minutes. This has reduced mammogram costs significantly.
  2. Mobile health programs have also been of great help. They send reminders for immunisations, check-ups, facilitate access to health clinics, track information during pregnancy and after. Did you know that you can play most popular casino games. They also provide remote consultations and improve contact with local health workers.

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