This futuristic $4,000 ‘smart desk’ can manage your entire work life — here’s what it can do

Cemtrex SmartDeskCemtrex/YouTube

For $4,000, a new “smart desk” can manage your entire work life. 

Made by New York-based technology manufacturing company Cemtrex, the SmartDesk is a sit-to-stand desk that has everything you might need built into the desk itself. 

The SmartDesk has three touch screen monitors, a document scanner, a wireless charging pad, and even its own wireless earbuds for making calls, which are conveniently hidden in a drawer underneath the desk.

Here’s what this $4,000 “smart desk” can do:

This is the Cemtrex SmartDesk.
The SmartDesk is a Windows PC, and it’s powered by the eight-generation Intel Core i7 processor. Cemtrex says it plugs into your outlet using a single wire.
The SmartDesk has three built-in touch screens, which total 72 inches.
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