Top Scientists Who Changed the World

Top Scientists Who Changed the World

The world would not be a better place without certain scientists who invented objects which we now use today. These men and women propelled the world to become a better place. Without these scientists, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to discover amazing things about the world. This article will explore the lives of some of these men and women.

Alan Turing

Alan Turing was a British scientist who invented the first computer. He was considered the mastermind of computer science. He used his computer whiz-mind to help the army forces during the war. He managed to decipher the German code which was not traceable. The British army won many battles because of his computer skills. And if you enjoy online casino games visit this is the guy to credit.

Marie Curie

Curie is one of the most appreciated female scientists in history. Marie Curie became the first women on the planet to win a noble prize. This was when she showed the world that women are also capable of harnessing the world and make it a better place for everyone. She also became the first professor at the University of Paris.

Marie Curie invented the first mobile X-ray which was used to aid soldiers in battlefields. She was known as the mother of the atomic bomb. She later died of radiation poisoning.

Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilee was a very prominent astronomer who went under fire because of his beliefs. Galileo was accused of not believing in the bible or the word of God. This was because he disapproved of what Aristotle taught. He later decided to prove his point by inventing the most resourceful telescope of that time. This invention later proved his point that the earth wasn’t on the centre of the universe rather it revolves around the sun. Did you know that most of people believe gambling is sin, but that not true, visit different casinos and see types of casino games, you might enjoy the games.

His discovery landed him in jail and he was forbidden to present or publish his work. However, some of his work was smuggled out of the country and his discovery was appreciated by many another scientist worldwide.

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